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Unleash Your Team’s Full Potential: Elevate Their leadership with executive coaching


This highly personalized opportunity is custom-designed to meet leaders' unique needs and is available in flexible durations of 3 months, 6 months, and one year. Designed to accelerate productivity and drive remarkable outcomes, the coaching services are often sponsored by forward-thinking organizations who prioritize the development and success of their top talent, emerging leaders or those that need improvement.


Here's what participants can expect:


1. Jumpstart and Design: The journey begins with a powerful 90-minute onboarding session. Participants would dive deep into their aspirations and challenges, crafting a customized action plan that sets them up for success.


2. Personalized Coaching Sessions: Participants would experience the power of focused, one-on-one coaching with 60-minute private sessions conducted via video conference. These sessions will be recorded, and a transcript summary would be provided allowing participants to fully engage in the moment and review their notes at their convenience. 


3. Goal Tracking and Accountability: Gain access to our state-of-the-art project management software, a powerful tool that helps participants track their goals, monitor progress, and receive ongoing accountability and valuable feedback. Participants will receive the support to stay on track and make significant strides towards achieving key performance indicator goals.


4. Access to the Online Learning Academy: Unlock further growth opportunities with included enrollment in an online academy course tailored to match specific action plans. Deepen participants knowledge and acquire additional skills that complement their coaching journey.


*Customized group coaching executive roundtables programs are available upon request.


**Individuals not sponsored by an organization who are seeking to enroll in a coaching program can apply using the button below.